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Now that I’ve got midterms out of the way, let’s talk about the last two weeks.

I launched this site at midnight on March 10, as Brian simultaneously turned 18 next to me. Happy birthday to the big guy! That was a fun night. My mom and other brother, Trevor, both came up to Dallas the following day, and we flew to Vail, CO on the 12th.

I was 15 the last time we were on Vail mountain. I remember being caught in a blizzard. At least, it felt that way. -20 degrees, heavy wind, 15 foot visibility — we made the most of it, but it was cold. Very cold… Flash forward to Vail Mountain last week: it snowed mostly at night, and the sun shined throughout most of the days. It awesome. Unreal, really. I’ll share a few of my favorite shots below.

Back to cubing: I’m hosting the Dallas Spring 2016 this weekend. I set the registration cap at an ambitious 120, and over 100 competitors have preregistered! It’s shaping up to be the biggest Texas competition ever — can’t wait! I should put heat sheets together now. Before I go, thanks to everyone who sent kind words in the days since the launch! I really appreciate the love, and I’m excited to interact with everyone soon. A few cool messages below.


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