Whether you’re a small start-up or a large multinational corporation, Anthony has the ability to motivate teams by pushing the limits of possibility right before your eyes. Watch him inspire and cultivate creativity as a new confidence infuses the audience. Anthony is proof that with focus, optimism, and tenacity, the impossible can become probable.


Anthony delivers dynamic entertainment with astonishing close-up routines and exhilarating stage performances. Looking for a creative twist? Anthony will create a gigantic customized mural made of cubes, or use his eclectic range of skills to customize a unique show to match your event. Anthony’s combination of unassuming charm and dazzling skill will excite your guests and leave them wanting more.


Nothing excites Anthony more than being able to inspire and motivate young minds. His engaging presentations, educational workshops, and extraordinary shows expose curious adolescents to the excitement of 3D space, math, and logic, without the intimidation of traditional textbooks.  Learning is not only fun, it’s an experience.

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