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  • I finished learning ZBLL last week. 6 months, 493 algorithms! It’s been fun, but my brain needs a break. Will move on to ZBLS after refining some of the slower ZBLL cases.
  • More thoughts on ZB coming soon.

310 Challenge: 

  • Thank you to everyone who kept me company for the first 310 stream. It’s usually just Brian and I cubing, so it was a lot of fun having you guys around. 40 people tuned in to chat, and 300+ lurked. I’m going to implement a simple schedule this upcoming stream. The next livestream will be Monday (May 9) at 8pm EST, and the schedule will be posted on Facebook.
  • May skill: Opposite cross solving. My solves have started almost exclusively with a blue cross for 8 years. Full color neutrality would be extremely difficult at this point, but opposite color neutrality is something I’ve been wanting to work on for years. I’ll elaborate during the stream, but check out this article by Lars Vandenbergh in the meantime: http://www.cubezone.be/crossstudy.html


  • Spring Scramble
    • I spent the weekend with James LaChance and his girlfriend Ashley. We went to the beach, ate ice cream out of donut cones, and watched the Warriors close out the season. Twas a good weekend.
    • Shout out to Daniel Wannamaker, another close final in the books! ZBLL on the final solve to win by .07.
  • Doseum
    • Last week, Texas Speedcubing hosted a competition at San Antonio’s Doseum. The Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibit is currently featured at the Doseum — so hosting a competition was a must! The venue had good lighting, a nice outdoor area, and the entire event ran smoothly. It was cool to see BRC at another location. I performed a few shows throughout the weekend, and Mike Elliot and I put on some fun demos during the competition’s lunch break.
    • I hope we’re able to host another competition at this location in the fall. The Doseum’s staff is friendly and the exhibits are really cool for kids (Spy Academy is my favorite). Definitely worth a visit for families in the San Antonio area.
    • Shout out to Tiana for getting her first official sub 30, and Dylan Miller for winning 3×3. Texas is getting fast! It was also really cool to have interpreters for deaf competitors. Speedcubing is a diverse community, and it’s up to us to make everyone feel welcome.
  • Albuquerque Spring 2016
    • Mike DeCock and I will be delegating New Mexico’s first competition on May 14th. Hope to see some of you there!

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