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Dallas Spring 2016

By March 30, 2016 3 Comments

I hosted the Dallas Spring 2016 last Saturday. It was both Texas’ largest competition to date and my first serving as a delegate!

First, some info about the event:

We hosted the competition at a small building rented out by a wedding venue. Space was limited, but I was pleased that the lighting was good and, despite being cramped, we managed to scrape by with enough seating for everyone inside. We’ll find a larger venue next time.

We set up on Friday in hopes of a smooth start the following day. Unfortunately, we fell a bit behind at the start and had to play catch up the rest of the day. It’s unfortunate that we had to cancel the second round of OH, but we were able to include a 4th round of 3×3 — a first in Texas!


Texas Speedcubing has grown significantly since I hosted my first competition, the Austin Open 2008 — we had 23 competitors! Growth is fantastic, and I hope to see this trend continue. However, we need help.

We hope to recruit experienced competitors to form a larger Texas Speedcubing organizational team. Please contact me if you’d like to get involved! We will be reaching out to candidates this month. 

Notable Results: 

Lots of sub-10 3×3 solves — Texas is getting fast!

Fastest solves recorded by each sub-10 competitor at the competition:

Brian Brooks – 9.80

Pranav Veera – 9.74

Riley Norrid – 9.43

Azhar Virani – 9.09

Alexander Wong – 9.08

Jeff Park – 8.97

Ryan Pryzbocki – 8.72

Mahith Bandi – 8.60

Anthony Brooks – 6.86

Dylan Miller – 6.79


Despite the competition being more chaotic than I would have liked, many parents approached me to thank us for putting on the event, and competitors seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the day.

A big thank you to Casey for helping me figure things out throughout the day and entering all the data, as well as walking me through the post-competition process! We will apply what we’ve learnt to our next large competition, Texas Two-Day Showdown 2016. Hope to see you there!

A couple of quick shout-outs:

Brian Brooks: Sub-10! Welcome to the club!

Dylan Miller: Niiiice solve!

Jason Green: Thanks for running that errand while I was tied up! I need one of those shirts.

Sarah Borda: I love the cube you gave me — it made my day! Can’t wait to watch you smash those PBs next time. 😉



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